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Get Started with My Money

My Money is a Personal Financial Management (PFM) tool that allows you to budget and manage your finances by aggregating accounts -- from credit cards to retirement savings -- across multiple financial institutions so you can see balances and transactions all in one place, on any device.

Linking Accounts 

Link your credit cards, loans, checking, and savings accounts from other financial institutions one time, and My Money keeps your view updated so you always see accurate balances and recent transactions.

  • To get started, click or tap the Link My Money PFM button
  • A list of frequently chosen financial institutions will appear.
  • Select a financial institution by either: Clicking or tapping the financial institution’s name or logo or type the name or URL of the institution in the Search box. (You may link accounts of participating instutions)
  • To link an account, provide the credentials you use to log into the online banking system at the external financial institution, then click Continue.

Visible and Hidden Accounts

When you add a linked account in Digital Banking, you have the option to select Visible or Hidden.

  • If you select Visible, the account appears on the Home page and you can access the details about it. It also appears on the Account Preferences page and you can edit the nickname, change the order in which the account appears, etc. The account is also aggregated and included in My Money.
  • If you select Hidden, the account does not appear on the Home page. (Hidden accounts are not aggregated and included in My Money widgets) 

Enroll in My Money

Before you can use the PFM feature, you must first enroll in My Money.

  • On the Login page, enter your Login ID and Password
  • An Agreement will appear the first time you select any of the My Money services.
  • Read the Agreement, then click or tap Agree or Later.

Transactions for your internal accounts and linked accounts are automatically categorized to help you accurately monitor your spending and track your budgets.

My Money Widgets

Net Worth* – Allows you to see the total value of all internally-held and linked accounts to view your net worth over time.

  • The Net Worth widget tracks the net sum of all your assets and liabilities over the past year. The dots on the graph represent your net worth for each month, while the lines on the graph represent the change in your month-to-month net worth.

Budget* – Helps you set budgets for each spending category and track progress towards those categories each month.

  • As each month progresses, this widget provides visual clues to show how close you may be to hitting the assigned thresholds.

Spending* – Enables you to see a visual representation of how you are spending your money over a period of time.

  • Transactions are categorized based on the same categories used in the Budget widget, but show the percentage of each category as compared to the total.

Trends* – Builds even further on your budgeting categories to help track spending over time as compared to income.

  • The Trends widget builds even further on your budgeting categories to help track spending over time as compared to income. It shows spending history by category, along with a green line showing income. This way, you can quickly determine if you are spending more than you are making

Debts* – Allows you to see all of your debt accounts in one place and to calculate how making additional payments, or paying off your debt completely, can impact your debt over time.

  • You can calculate paying off your debt using the Snowball method. This method helps you pay off your debt in the fastest way possible, focusing on your smallest debt first.

See all of the functionality of the My Money personal financial management tool. If you need assistance, call 504-561-6124.

(*Tools available in the Mobile app are Link Accounts, Budget, and Spending. In addition to Link Accounts, Budget, and Spending, Net Worth, Trends, and Debts are available on online.)